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History of Indian curry.

Indian cuisine has evolved in the span of 5000 years! Through many different cultures and traditions that came and went from India dropped a lot of their culture and tradition which affected Indian cuisine a lot. You will find a heavy taste of spics and staple ingredients like lentils and vegetables to be used more […]

Why choose Us?

Human chooses their food through their sensory organ. The more sensory organ is attracted to the food the more the food is chosen and consumed. Human sensory organs are the eye, nose, ear, tongue, and skin. The food characteristics such as appearance, texture, odor, and taste are analyzed by its sensory organ which is controlled […]

What is LipLick Pizzeria?

“IT’S ALL ABOUT INDIAN CURRY TOPPINGS PIZZA.” The word curry immediately brings to mind an Indian delicacy full of flavor and richness. One could say that it emulates the personality of its country of origin. Over the years, curry has evolved to become more than just food; it evokes an emotion- one of warmth while […]

Types of curry.

Given its extensive spread across the world and the many cultures that celebrate and enjoy a curry in their cuisine, we feel there is truly something special about curry and curry recipes. Whether you like it mild or extra spicy ( Indian hot, as some people may say), curry is undeniably a comfort food that […]

Spice health tips.

SPICE HEALTH TIPS It’s hard to believe, but the spices that add such wonderful flavor and fragrance to your baked pies, muffins, cookies, and cakes can also add unique medicinal value to your health. Scientific evidence has shown, through clinical trials and studies, that a few of your favorite ingredients can also have a great […]