Different types of Indian cuisine.

“Every food is depended on their culture and region.”

We know that in India, food is seen as more than just a means of survival. According to Indian culture, food is considered to be multidimensional, In India food is not only a consumable thing food is feelings, but food is also love, food is our culture, and food is our identity. In India food is a very important thing and their taste is also very important. India has different types of cuisine and taste. Indian cuisine consists of many different cuisines, Basically, it is the combination of all the food from different states and their sub-cuisine also, for example, Karnataka cuisine, Udupi cuisine, Kodagu cuisine, Karavali cuisine, and Saraswat cuisine. and all these cuisines are very different from each other, their preparation techniques and the dishes and recipes are very different. In India, the types of food and taste change in every region.
Indian cuisine can be categorized into 4 major cuisines as North Indian cuisine, South Indian cuisine, West Indian cuisine East Indian cuisine.

North Indian cuisine

⦁ Awadhi cuisine
⦁ Bhojpuri cuisine
⦁ Cuisine of kashmiri
⦁ Kumaori cuisine
⦁ Mughlai cuisine
⦁ Punjabi cuisine
⦁ Rajasthani cuisine
⦁ Cuisine of Uttar pradesh

South Indian cuisine

⦁ Kodava cuisine
⦁ Andra cuisine
⦁ Karnataka cuisine
⦁ Tamil Nadu food
⦁ Chettinad cuisine
⦁ Araswat cuisine
⦁ Mangalorian catholic cuisine
⦁ Cuisine of kerala
⦁ Telegu cuisine

West Indian cuisine

⦁ Gujarati cuisine
⦁ Marathi cuisine
⦁ Konkan cuisine
⦁ Saoji cuisine
⦁ Malavari cuisine
⦁ CKP cuisine
⦁ Kandesi cuisine
⦁ Kolaphuri cuisine
⦁ Marwari cuisine
⦁ Goan cuisine
⦁ Parsi cuisine

East Indian cuisine

⦁ Bengali cuisine
⦁ Naga cuisine
⦁ Assamese cuisine
⦁ Bihari cuisine
⦁ Oriya cuisine
⦁ Meghalayan cuisine
⦁ Manipuri cuisine
This list is endless, there are many cuisines that are yet to be discovered.

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