How Pizza is introduced in India?

Pizza is the most popular food in India in 2022. It is available in any local area and its a very famous street food. But do you know How pizza came in India? and Who introduce pizza in India?
Ever since 1977 when Mr. Nirula opened the first restaurant in Connaught Place, The name of the restaurant is” Nirula”. They have been creating Epic Moments for generations of Dilliwalas. Their heritage of iconic servings includes ice creams, sundaes, burgers, pizzas, and a lot more. In the 90s Don Giovanni’s was the only pizza delivery service in Calcutta
Before this as the term ” Pizza” was not much known by Indian people. It was served as snacks by small bakeries. The ingredients were costly and availability was less in the Indian market making the cost of pizza high which was far from the reach of common people. As time passed pizza get an incredibly popular food in India. In today’s time, there is more demand for pizza in the Indian market which makes pizza ingredients easily available in the local market at affordable cost. This has also reduced the cost which makes it available for common people also.
In 1996, Domino’s entered in the Indian food market and opened its first shop in New Delhi. Domino’s dominated the nation in the early 2000s following Pizza Hut opening their franchise in all over the country. They entered the country, they study about Indian culture, and adopted their menus as per their knowledge.
“Playing on nostalgia and great advertising campaigns over the years such as ‘Dominos 30 minute free pizza delivery’ campaign has enabled them to grow and expand their presence. Another very important piece is that they controlled last mile delivery and owned customer data which meant they could ensure that the customer is satisfied and use that data to expand their business,” added Gupta.
In recent years, the population of India has developed an appetite for pizza. Though pizza has been available in this country for some time, in the last few years, the popularity of this food has boomed. As such, key players in the pizza market are finding tremendous opportunities for investments and growth in this region. Outlets are the popular food of choice for many residents in India.
The increased demand for pizza in India in recent years has opened more opportunities for new startups in the pizza industry. A huge surge in consumerism, more women in the workforce, changing lifestyles, and the steady growth of incomes among the middle class are all factors that are driving the growth of this market.
India has experienced quick services in restaurants over the span of the past few years. At first, pizza proved to be a challenging sector or key players to enter in this country because the entry barriers were high, and moving up in this sector was difficult. However, several brands have paved the way for other key vendors in this industry.
As the popularity of pizza creates new opportunities for local pizza shops. In order to meet the growing demand for this type of food, both local and international pizza establishments have developed and advanced the market for pizza in India.
Today Pizza is the most popular food in India. Today’s young generation prefers pizza to their fast food menu. They like to eat pizzas in their party and other celebration
Some pizza franchisers have also started to look into using an online delivery format. This format is preferable in locations that are heavily trafficked, such as malls, universities, tech parks, and railway stations. This strategy was used by Pizza Hut to increase its sale and work. They were successful in this strategy. Pizza Hut has seen a large increase in its online sales over the past year. An estimated 35 percent of the sales that the franchiser makes are through online sales and home delivery. The chain started utilizing online ordering via its website and app.
In today’s Indian pizza industry is worth 1,500 corners and has been growing at a CAGR of 26 percent for the last five years.

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