What is Indo – Italian Pizza.

It is a fusion of an Italian base with Indian toppings.
Italian base which compresses fermented flatbread with pizza sauce and cheese. To give it a unique taste we combined it with flavorful Indian toppings. This combination gives over pizza a unique taste. We introduced selected Indian toppings combinations to enhance your taste bud. So that you can enjoy our unique pizza with joy.
As every Indian topping is combined with specific ingredients to enhance its flavor, texture, and aroma. There is the importance of every Indian topping according to its cooking method (roasting, frying, boiling, steaming, etc.)

⦁ Indian Cooking techniques

Tadkka – is a cooking technique most commonly used in every Indian house in which spices are added to hot oil which adds a deep flavor of spices in oil which gives a spicy flavor to food.

Dum( slow cooking) – It’s an ancient technique in which the food is slow-cooked by sealing the vessel which slowly increases the flavors of the ingredient and enhances its taste.

Bhunao– (Saute and stir-fry) – Is a cooking technique in which food is sauteed and stirred fried this technique is also used in every Indian house for cooking food every day.

Talna ( frying) – this technique is used for both shallow and deep fry many types of food. which gives a distinct flavor.

Tandoori – the process in which food is placed directly in hot charcoal in a clay oven or on a heated rack. the food cooked through this process is called tandoori.

Bhaap( steaming) – In this process, the food is steam cooked on low flame.

Boiling – this is a process in which raw ingredients are boiled until cooked. these are some techniques used in Indian cooking.
Every food culture has depended on its geographical structure and availability of resources in its region( STATE).

⦁ OUR SPECIALITY (We are launching soon)
  1. Chicken Rogan Josh Pizza topping – It is an aromatic curry of Kashmir. which is the staple food of the people in this region. it gets its unique flavor from the ingredient which is red chili, alkanet flower, ginger, garlic, aromatic spices ( clove, bay leaf, cardamom, cinnamon) onion, and yogurt which is braised and dampokhtak( slow cooking).
  2. Murgh Makhanwala Pizza topping – It’s the Punjabi term for makhan (clarified butter). The gravy is smooth like makhan which is spicy and little sweet topped with Makhan(clarified butter).
  3. Chicken Chettinad Pizza topping – a delicacy of spices used with fresh grind masala and, curry leaves. The food is hot and spicy.
  4. Chicken Bhuna Pizza topping – It is a process of cooking in which the ingredients are fried on a slow flame for a long time.
  5. Paneer Hariyali Pizza topping – It is a marination of green masala (coriander leaves, mint, green chilies, ginger, and garlic grind whole masala.
  6. Chicken Korma Pizza topping – korma originated in South Asia. it’s a Mughal cuisine. It’s marinated in yogurt, onion, nuts, and a rose water mixture.
  7. Achari Do Pyza Pizza topping – It is a Punjabi dish made by using prickly spices. It is spicy and tangy which gives it a unique taste.

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