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Human chooses their food through their sensory organ. The more sensory organ is attracted to the food the more the food is chosen and consumed. Human sensory organs are the eye, nose, ear, tongue, and skin. The food characteristics such as appearance, texture, odor, and taste are analyzed by its sensory organ which is controlled by its brain.
As Indians, we are attracted more towards Indian-style food than various international-style food because we consume it on daily basis and it has been adapted by sensory organs. To fulfill this requirement with a twist we liplick pizzeria created a new version of fusion food is which Italian pizza with Indian toppings.
We have used primary Italian pizza which comprises flatbread, pizza sauce, and mozzarella cheese, and gave it a twist by adding a variety of Indian-style toppings on it to give it a unique taste. As you know in India there are numbers of flavourful foods which are cooked according to their region which gives each food item its own taste, appearance, flavor, and texture we have selected some toppings according to the region to give you a fun and Joyful food experience.
As food culture of India changes according to its region. some of the ingredients and making process are based on Ayurved. Ayurveda plays an important role in Indian cooking ingredients the application and reduction of heat and cold, time for the process, addition of ingredients on a fixed time, etc. are some of the key factors in ayurvedic cooking. Many of the ingredients in cooking have their own medicinal value which helps our body to cure many illnesses and diseases when used according to ayurvedic way. many international brands come to India and do much research to attract indian customers in which they infuse Indian taste into that kind of product

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